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Cat Scratcher – Corner

Cat Scratcher – Corner

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Cats love to scratch, but most scratchers shed and rip to bits quickly. Not Americat Company scratchers! Made in the USA from heavy-duty, high grade corrugate + a proprietary construction for max durability. This no-shed, corner scratcher withstands daily scratching for years (yes, years!). 

  • 100% Made in the USA from U.S. materials
  • 2x heavier than typical scratchers for sturdiness and to prevent sliding
  • Tightly bonded, honeycomb, double-wall construction (unlike single wall scratchers)
  • Tree-like texture attracts cats

Safe Materials: U.S. corrugated cardboard. Non-toxic, vegan glue FDA approved for food contact

Design: Double-sided for 2x the cat scratching fun! Fits purr-fectly into corners of walls and rugs

Care: Vacuum or shake off fur/ nails occasionally. Recycle after loved

Size: 14 x 14 x 1.5 inches. Oversized for scratching and lounging

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Blue d.w.s.b.
Just ok right now

Very little use right now, they prefer the upright scratcher even when it's just cardboard right now!

My cat, Hilton, immediately loved it

Looks much better than the ones I get in the store. I think this will hold up much better.

B G.
Love these cat scratchers!

We purchased our first Americat scratcher over two years ago from a local pet shop. It's still in great shape -- we just wanted another one for a different floor of our house. And we went out of our way to purchase Americat -- great product and American made.
Our cats love it. And we love that they don't scratch up our rugs and furniture. We can even put them right on it and they'll start using it. Very happy!

Sara H.
Perfect for Smaller Spaces!

I live in a very small apartment so I'm limited with room for kitty towers and posts. But the Cornerstone Scratcher has been a hit! I was worried my babies wouldn't be as interested in a ground toy, but they both started scratching on it almost immediately! I love that it can be positioned in a corner, and it often makes its way under my bench and table too - all conveniently out of the way. Grat purchase I'll certainly be purchasing again when this one is all done.

We are thrilled that the Cornerstone Scratcher has been a good fit for your cats and your apartment. Thanks for sharing!

Fitting name for a fabulous product!!

It's funny that this is called the "Cornerstone" scratcher because it has quickly become the scratcher against which all other future scratchers will be measured.
I tell all my other cat-parent friends about this scratcher because it is everything you want in a scratcher but can't find in your standard run-of-the-mill hop-on-down-to-the-local-drugstore scratcher.

1. sturdy. Doesn't move. Even when violently attacked with the misplaced rage only a house cat can have. (Pippin, if you're reading this, I'm sorry that I won't let you outside to eat those birds. I know. Mom is cruel. But also, mom feeds you nice wet food in nice bowls and gives you nice pets so... we're even?)
2. sturdy. Doesn't fall apart. Even when scratched with the impossible power of hind-paws, no weird cardboard remnants are left behind.
3. can also be a bed. When the little lion-demons aren't trying to tear it apart, they like to lounge on this scratcher. If you're a cat parent, you won't be surprised that the cute, matching fish-covered bed gets absolutely no love but the non-bed item -- THE SCRATCHER -- gets all the attention.

1. the Roomba is now hungry because it no longer has cardboard scraps to eat!!