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Set of 3 Americat cat toy balls
Side of Americat cat toy ball on wood floor
Cat on chair playing with Americat cat toy ball
Americat cat toy ball on textured carpet
Americat Company

Set of 3 Cat Toy Balls

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Play is so important! In the wild, cats hunt up to 20 times a day. At home, cats need play to satisfy their natural hunting instincts, to exercise, and to relieve stress. But, most cat toys are made overseas to save on cost, and we question their safety. What are they made of? Are any chemicals added?

We believe making cat toy balls in the USA results in safer, higher quality products. We simply use 2 ingredients, cardboard and a non-toxic adhesive. We designed our cat toy balls to spin and wobble as they roll. Your cats will love to hunt, chase, bat, stalk, and fetch these made in USA cat toys.

  • Material: Simply 2 ingredients - heavy duty, recycled cardboard and non-toxic, foodsafe glue. Cats are drawn to the natural, tree-like scent of cardboard
  • Safety: Handcrafted from non-toxic materials with no added chemicals
  • Design: Cat toy balls keep your cat entertained during interactive and independent play. Each set of 3 comes with a round, hexagon, and x-design. Each cat ball wobbles and rolls differently to mimic wild prey movement and give your cat a unique hunting challenge 
  • Dimensions: 1.5 inch diameter (about the size of a ping pong ball)
  • Origin: We are proud to make Americat Company cat toys in the USA

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