Americat indoor cat identification tag front and back
Americat indoor cat ID tag and holder
Cat wearing Americat indoor cat ID tag
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Indoor Cat ID Tag

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Our indoor cat identification tag lets everyone know your cat lives indoors and should not be confused with an outdoor cat.

ID tags are the easiest and fastest way to return a lost cat home. But, metal engraved tags wear off over time and can be heavy on a cat's neck.

The indoor cat ID tag has bold black lettering on a bright white background to let everyone know your cat belongs to you. Made of Dupont™ Crastin®, not metal, this cat ID tag is also lightweight and more comfortable for your cat.

  • Material: Colorful, high-resolution design and ID information are permanently imaged onto a high-tech polymer tag
  • Safety: Identification information is legible and permanent, so that if your cat is ever lost, you can be contacted quickly and easily 
  • Design: Indoor cat design shows your cat belongs inside. Light and comfortable for your cat. Easy to read and easy to attach for you
  • Care: Update every time you move or change contact information
  • Dimensions: Cat ID tag has 1 inch diameter
  • Origin: All Americat Company cat ID tags are proudly made in the USA

Each order includes a tag + blue Links-It connector.Free Shipping (of course!) 

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