Collection: Giving Back

Donating to Cats in Need

Rescue cats are the best! Our founder Diane adopted Penny and Bella from shelters, and caught Lewie. Here is Lewie when he was living outside as a stray before he was rescued. He is now loving life as an indoor cat!

Cat living outside

Diane also volunteered at a rescue for years, and saw firsthand how much wonderful work they do!   

We believe in doing our part to help rescues and shelters as much as we can. Each year, we donate Americat Company products to cat rescues in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and beyond.

If you would like to nominate a rescue for donations, please email

Featured Rescue Program

While visiting a local shelter, we learned that the rescue had to replace the scratchers they were using every single month. How expensive and time-consuming! Since Americat Company products last longer, we knew we could help.

Our Featured Rescue Program is a way for those without cats or for those who have a special place in their heart for rescue to send presents to cats in need. Here's how it works:

1. Rescues or shelters contact us if they need Americat Company products

2. We share information about the rescue, the wonderful things they are doing, and their needs with you

3. If you'd like to help, click on the photos below to donate

4. We will deliver the donated products, plus some extra goodies from us. We'll take lots of pictures, so that you can see how much the cats love their new presents!

Meet our Featured Rescue: Nose 2 Tail

Nose 2 Tail, located in McDonald, PA, is our Featured Rescue. They can care for up to 40 cats and kittens at a time. Their mission is to decrease the overpopulation and euthanasia rates of cats and kittens through education, adoption, and providing low-cost spay/ neuter clinics. They also offer assistance with trapping, fixing, then releasing feral cats.

This is one of the cats at Nose 2 Tail enjoying a donated scratcher!

Rescue cat on scratcher

We have always been fans of Nose 2 Tail, and appreciate them even more after we caught Lewie. Since he had been living outdoors as a stray, he needed neutered, microchipped, bloodwork, and vaccines, but our local veterinary office was only seeing emergencies because of COVID. Fortunately, Nose 2 Tail was holding a spay/ neuter clinic, so we drove across town to get Lewie the care he needed.

Let's make a difference together, and send some presents to the kitties at Nose 2 Tail, our Featured Rescue!

  • Bowl For Featured Rescue
    Set of 2 Americat made in USA stainless steel cat bowls
  • Scratcher For Featured Rescue
    Different shapes of Americat cat scratching pads