Different shapes of Americat cat scratching pads
Black and white cat sitting on Americat cat scratching board
Black cat sitting on heart shaped Americat scratching pad
2 cats fighting over Americat cat scratcher
Americat Company

Scratcher For Featured Rescue

Regular price $30.00
Thank you for donating an Americat Company Scratcher to the cats living at our featured rescue!
  • Material: "It's heavy!" is the first thing cat lovers say when they pick up our scratching pad. That's because we use a double-wall corrugated cardboard rather than the single-wall version used in most scratchers. Using higher-quality cardboard makes Americat scratching pads heavier, sturdier, and longer lasting
  • Safety: Handcrafted from non-toxic materials with no added chemicals
  • Design: Cats are drawn to the textured, tree-like feel and the natural, tree-like scent
  • Care: Double sided, so flip over for double the use. Vacuum occasionally. Recycle after loved
  • Dimensions: Oversized for plenty of room to scratch and rest
  • Origin: All Americat Company products are proudly made in the USA

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