Tribute to My Cat Bella

Sitting with my cat Bella

My cat Bella recently passed away. Experiencing my cat's death has been the hardest part about being a cat mom and also among the toughest and most emotional moments I've ever had to endure.

To me, my cats are not just cats... They are companions and my babies. They have even served as the inspiration for our made in the USA cat products.

Part of the way I process difficult emotions is through writing. That's why I've decided to share this tribute to Bella – both to honor her memory, and also to help myself navigate through this grief.

Additionally, I hope that by sharing my thoughts on writing my cat's obituary, I can provide some comfort and guidance to others who may be going through a similar experience of loss. 


2/1/09 - 1/10/24

My cat Bella

I share this in loving memory of my dear Bella, who gained her angel wings and passed away in my arms on January 10th.

As I reflect on my time with Bella, I see her bright eyes looking into my soul. I feel her silky-soft fur, her head nestled on my chest as she slept, and her paws around my shoulder as I'd carry her. I hear her loud purrs and little meows – each had their own special meaning.

I adopted Bella in 2009 after falling in love with her while volunteering. We lived in 5 cities, multiple apartments, and the first home of our own. We were together for so long and through so much – Bella was a constant source of love.

Initially drawn to Bella's beauty – her striking coloring, big green eyes, and elegant walk – I discovered her personality was even more beautiful.

She'd gaze straight into my eyes and could sense my mood. Day and night, she was faithfully by my side. When I'd return home from being away, she was there, watching out the window and greeting me at the door.

She was such a happy cat, always having fun. Her favorite things included watching birds from the deck, basking in sunbeams, rolling in fresh catnip, and our evening couch time on her favorite blanket. She adored her sister Penny and taught Lewie how to be an indoor cat.

She also had a mischievous streak... jumping atop the refrigerator, opening drawers, eating rose petals, and sneaking into the basement.

Bella's strength and resilience were awe inspiring. Born with congenital health challenges, she underwent bladder surgery as a kitten, before we ever met. At age 4, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and we battled a ureter stone for over a year. When she was 12.5, Bella bravely faced severe heart disease. She was given 4 to 6 months, and instead, Bella thrived for 25 months!

Over the years, multiple veterinarians commented on how many odds Bella had beaten and that her story was a miracle. Until the very end, Bella looked and felt good. I believe she had such a strong will to keep going, because she loved her life!

Bella touched the hearts of everyone she met. She helped cats across the country through the products she inspired. She even converted people hesitant about cats into cat lovers.

Bella was a gift from God and a huge blessing in my life. I will never forget her love and our memories over almost 15 years. While I wish she was still sitting next to me, I know she is now fully healed and watching over me.

My cat Bella

How to Write a Cat's Obituary or Tribute

It is healthy and necessary to grieve such a big loss, the loss of a beloved cat.

If you've thought about writing about your cat, here are some ideas that helped me. Whether you choose to compose an obituary, eulogy, memorial, tribute, announcement, letter, or poem, the key is to do what feels right for you.

Write From Your Heart

There is no right or wrong way to write about your feelings for your cat. Just let the words flow from your heart and mind with love.

Write at Any Time

You might find solace in writing shortly after your cat’s passing, or perhaps it’s too overwhelming at that moment. Whether it’s weeks, months, or even years later, the act of putting your thoughts into words can offer a sense of healing. 

Write at your own pace, whether all at once or gradually over time.

Choose your writing method – whether it's typing on a computer or putting pen to paper in a journal or letter. 

Consider What to Include in Your Cat's Obituary

  • When/ where/ why did you get your cat?
  • What were his/ her favorite things?
  • What were his/ her unique quirks?
  • How would you describe his/ her personality?
  • What did you love about him/ her?
  • Who were the important people or pets in your cat's life?
  • What were your cat's nicknames?

*Tip: Looking at your favorite photos and videos of your cat may also help with choosing what to include.

Decide on Sharing

Decide whether you want to keep your tribute private or share it with others. You might choose to keep it alongside your cat's ashes or mementos, or display it in a frame as a personal keepsake.

Alternatively, you might wish to share your writing with close family and friends, or even post it on social media. Sending a copy to your cat's veterinarian or other significant people in your cat's life is another option. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and it's important to do what feels most comfortable and meaningful to you.

Remember, You're Not Alone

If you are grieving the loss of your cat, know you are not alone in your feelings. Writing about your cat can serve as a meaningful way to honor their memory and navigate your own grieving process. 

Whether you choose to memorialize your cat through words, art, or other expressions, may you find some comfort and healing during this difficult time. 

Pet memorial quote

With Hugs,

Diane, Founder & CEO of Americat Company


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