About Us & Our Made in the USA Cat Products

Meet Penny, Bella & Lewie

3 cats that inspired Americat Company

Penny (now in Heaven), Bella, and Lewie are my reasons why... why I created Americat Company and why I'm so passionate about Made in the USA cat products. 

I adore my cats and do everything I can for them. I wanted better – not the dangerous, poorly made cat products I saw everywhere.

So, I created Americat Company to give my cats and yours Made in the USA cat products with unmatched safety and high quality. Our cats deserve only the best!

Our Story

Americat Company founder Diane Danforth holding her cat Bella

I'm Diane, the founder, CEO, and 100% owner of Americat Company.

Late one night in December 2016, I was online shopping for Made in the USA Christmas presents for my cats. I was shocked at how few options there were.

That's when I had the idea... I was going to create a Made in the USA cat products company! Thanks to a talented team and a lot of hard work, Americat Company was born in October 2017.

We create American-made products to improve cats' dining, scratching, playing, sleeping, and potty experiences.  

Our Values

About Americat Company

Our goal is to be your (and your cats') favorite cat brand! All our products are:

SPECIFICALLY FOR CATS: We specialize in cats! All Americat Company products are designed to appeal to cats' natural instincts.

MADE IN USA: All Americat Company products are Made in the USA from safe, U.S. materials.

SAFE: All our materials and products are non-toxic to cats and their humans.

LONG-LASTING: We design products for durability to outlast other brands.

CREATED BY A CAT MOM: Americat Company is a small, woman-owned, cat-loving business founded in 2016  not a large corporation.

We also give back. We trap and sponsor feral cats' spay/ neuter surgeries and vaccinations and donate Americat Company products to rescues.

We hope you feel our personal touch, gratitude for your orders, and love for what we do. 

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Made in the USA cat products

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    We’re bringing health and happiness to your cats, plus peace of mind to you! 

    -Diane, Founder & CEO of Americat Company