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I bought 2, then bought 2 more!

I really like these stainless steel, Made in USA bowls. I bought the set of bows and stands the first time, then ordered 2 more bowls for cleaning rotation. I use one bowl for wet food in the morning, and one bowl for dry food the other feeding times. I change the wet food bowl each day, but the dry food bowl is fine until I wash them all.

Only Scratcher Cat Ever Used!

Scratcher was a big hit. I was very reluctant to purchase another scratcher. All the past ones from other pet companies were never used and a big waste of money. However, my cat uses this one and loves it. I’ll be ordering the scratcher bed next.

10/10 would buy again

Cat Litter Mat
Grace's m.
Wonderful product

This is night and day compared to the last mat I purchased; it works so much better, and I highly recommend it. It's super easy to clean and covers more area than the previous one I had.

So fun!

My kitty loves these; she loves the sound they make and runs across the room batting them around. I highly recommend. She will get so much enjoyment out of them!

Awesome bags!!!

Best scratchers I've encountered

I have two cats and just bought my 3rd and 4th scratchers for them. They both continue to love these. They not only love to scratch them, they also love to just lay on them. Ny only minor complaint is that they really don't last a long time. Better than the other paper scratchers I've had, The last ones I bought lasted a little over six months.

The BEST Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are the best choice for pet bowls because they stop the development of bacteria from leftover food or saliva, a potential issue with plastic and ceramic bowls. These are made from safe, durable American steel and are easy to clean. The whisker-friendly dimensions of Americat’s bowls are an important added benefit.

Cat Bowl Stand
Vanyoska g.
My “cat” barks

I got 2 Americat bowls and a stand, because I couldn’t find any made for dogs that assured me of the quality.
I prepare my rescue dog’s life-saving kidney failure diet, carefully designed by an alternative pet Nutrtionist. Each ingredient is cooked in non-toxic cookware and then meticulously weighed by the milligram to be frozen in meal sized food grade silicone.
And so I wanted to make sure that she is eating and drinking out of perfectly safe bowls.
it would help if these bowls were deeper for my dog’s snout. But of course they are made for cats. But regardless, they are great - and I feel totally secure that they are healthy!
If only American would start making them for dogs, as well.

Love! 😻

Great size, made in America and with a cat design! Can't ask for anything better!

Great cat bowls

These are well made & in our country!! Yayyy!! The cats went right to them & they no longer have to be so bent over to eat & drink. Definitely worth the money!!

Combats whisker fatigue

Our senior cat seems to prefer over other bowls since it is wider and combats whisker fatigue. Stainless steel also holds up better and is easy to clean.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Absolutely love these stainless steel bowls! They’re incredibly sturdy, just the right size and never retain any odours. Cleanups are a breeze too - any stuck on bits come off easily after soaking in water for like 10 minutes. The best part is they’re made in the US with American steel 🇺🇸. It’s really difficult to find stainless steel products that aren’t made in China. So I truly appreciate that this small company went the extra mile to keep production in the US. Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but I definitely think it’s worth it for the added safety and durability. This bowl is super solid and heavy for its size (in a good way) and will probably outlast me 🤣 I’ll definitely be back for more pieces soon. Other than that, shipping to the UK took just 5 days, and it was very well packaged. I can’t fault Americat Company in the slightest. Thanks so much 😊🙌🏻

Stands Are Sturdy

These stands are purrrrfect to hold up the bowls so my large tabby can relax while she eats. She does not have to bend to eat or drink, but can reach her food and water a lot easier.

Love the Bowls

The stainless steel bowls are very pretty and I feel better giving my cat her food/water in them. I like that they are lead free and non toxic and made in the USA.

Cat ID Tag – Indoor Cat
I love Americat!

So far, everything I've purchased has met or exceeded my expectations. I have already reviewed the bowls and stands, but they certainly deserve to be praised again. They are so well made, are ample in size and easy to clean.

The toys and cat bed are truly amazing! I cannot believe how well they hold up. I've had them for several months and they are used by my two exuberant boys daily, but they barely look used. I don't know how cardboard can be so strong, but it is!

I've also purchased the litter bags and mat. I love that the bags are eco friendly. And I love, love, love the mat! First off, it is a generous size and it is washable in the machine! I have 3 - one for the littler box, one for the food and water area and one for a spare for whenever any accident should occur.

It's obvious that quality is a priority in everything they make. I'm so thankful for Americat!

Cat Scratcher - Corner

Our cat likes it and uses it every day. It’s very well made to really last for a long time.

Cat scratcher

My 3 cats love it, the 2 males give it a vigorous workout, and it does hold up amazingly well, far superior to,any scratch pads they’ve had in the past. Thank you for such well and responsibly made cat paraphernalia!

My Cat and I Love the Placemat

I love that the placemat protects my floor from any spills that occur. It is so cute and my cat had no issues adjusting to her hew bowl and stand on it. It helps to keep the stand/bowl in place for a better eating experience! Made in the USA. Thanks for all your great products that keep out kitties safe!

Best Cat Bowl and Stand!

I am so happy I found this cat bowl and stand. The bowl is 18/8 premium kitchen grade stainless steel, won't trap bacteria and is made in the USA. I love supporting USA products. My cat had no problems switching to this bowl, it is shallow and wide enough for her whiskers, and she adjusted to the bowl stand also I love the stand as it will aid in her digestion. Don't hesitate to purchase!

Cat Says MeWOW

With this paw-pleasing mat and its ease in brushing and laundering, Honey and I are thrilled and grateful to have the best litter mat in catdom.

Worth the investment.

I purchased the bowl`s stands as well as the bowls for my cats and I want to say that it is something I`m very pleased with. Superior quality which will last forever. Yes, it is a little investment, but so worth it. I would recommend it to any cat lovers. Thank you to Americat !

The bowls were great as far as being wide and low, just expensive.

cats definitley prefer your scratcher to the other scratchers that we have.

Cat Bowl Stand
Nancy P.
Cat bowl stand

Wanda is pleased with the new feeding arrangement. No throwing up so far!!