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Cat Bowl Stand
Nancy P.
Cat bowl stand

Wanda is pleased with the new feeding arrangement. No throwing up so far!!

Great Product !

My cat hurt her back and was on pain meds. I ordered the stand to go with the Americat bowl she already prefers for her water. The stand made it easier to drink water that she needed to help her recovery. Now that she's doing well, the bowl on the stand is her favorite water source!

Best Cat Bowls

These are the best cat bowls I have ever used. The bowl is wide and shallow and easy to clean.

Great balls & scratcher!

The cats love batting the balls around & they love sitting on the scratcher!

Cat Litter Mat
Cheryl L.H.

The cat doesn’t really care, but it works fne to pick up sprinkles of litter.


Very Pleased with the quality, no leakage, seepage or sweating. If they were about a half size larger, they would be perfect, for me.

Kitties loved this

After opening the box & before placing under their food bowl, my 1 kitty went & layed on it. She looked as though she thought it was a bed. It’s very soft and cleans easily

Even better than I expected!

I was expecting quality but when I received my order, I was surprised. They were bigger than I thought they would be and I'm so happy. I ordered 5 bowls and 3 stands, and plan to order two more stands now! So glad to know these are made in USA and also am proud to support Diane and her company. Also, received a sample litter bag and am going to order them as well. I am thrilled to know they are plant based and compostable!

Koko and the cat balls.

She (koko) loved the toy balls. She whipped one some where,I have yet to find. If this keeps up,I will have to order more!

High Quality and Pretty

These bowls are high quality and easy to clean. I like that they are lead free, non toxic and made in America. My cat eats her dry and wet foods from them and also drinks water from them.

Cat Bowl Stand
Nancy D.
Great Bowl Stand

The stand is strong and sturdy and holds the bowl well. My cat is a little larger and this stands makes it easier for her to eat.

Cat Bowl Stand
Sarah M.
High Quality Bowls

Took a few days for my kitties to get used to the sound of eating out of the bowls, but now that they have, they're solid! Easy to clean and super high quality! I was definitely nervous at first about spending so much on bowls for cats, but they are absolutely worth the price.

Sturdy Scratcher

No mess! Just what I needed. I have 2 very aggressive scratchers. Other cardboard scratch items were constantly littering the room with torn off little pieces of cardboard. No cardboard shreds with this one.

love it

My two cats love this one. They head for it first thing in the morning just after breakfast and before the morning nap, which might be on top of this scratcher!

Great Product!

I initially bought two of the bowls with the racks and loved them so much I bought four more bowls. They work great for my cats. They are very durable and clean up nicely. I would definitely recommend them!

Perfect Bowls

Americat bowls are the perfect size and weight.

My kittens don’t make as much of a mess when using these! And I know they are sanitized in the dishwasher.

Love them and about to purchase two more. Thank you!!

PS Pleaee make a food scoop in stainless! 😻

Barbara and water fountains

Barbara is smoking crack and thinks that these stainless steel water bowls are somehow cat fountains. If someone can get in touch with Barbara's family, I have an address for a lovely rehab facility where she will eventually learn the difference between stainless steel cat bowls and cat fountains.

My Cats and I Are Happy with Americat Litter Bags!

They're just the right size and easy to handle. They're also affordable and made in the USA. That's everything I was looking for!


Recently switched bowls. No issues and the felines have been using them no problems. Easy to clean.

Does it’s job

Good to use with food. Not so much if you are using it with a bowl with water. Might need rubber bottoms to hold in place (water only).

The Best cat scratcher

My cat actually uses this instead of the carpet. I have had my first one about 1 1/2 years and it's still very usable. I bought a 2nd one for upstairs. I highly recommend these, strong, sturdy, and lightweight scratchers. Excellent quality and so glad to know they are made in America!

Tougher scratcher

One my cats really strong claws and she shreds the traditional scratchers. This quality is much better.

High Quality

Fast delivery and high quality American made product.

First quality!

They are not inexpensive, but I ordered two more cat bowls, and a second stand for them for my cat. It’s hard to find bowls of this quality – and the stand is compact and at a great angle since my cat is 13 years old.

Cat Litter Mat
Kristen P.
Good quality

My litter box is in my bedroom closet for the time being and this mat is protecting the floor, and I love that it’s machine washable.