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Americat cat shaped cat scratching pad
Americat cat shaped cat scratcher
Orange cat scratching Americat scratching pad
Black and white cat scratching Americat scratcher
Cat paws on Americat cat scratching board
Americat Company

Cat Scratching Pad

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Cats have a natural instinct to scratch. But, we were tired of our cats tearing their scratching pads to bits and having to replace scratchers constantly.

So, we created the most durable scratching pad available. We use a double-wall corrugated cardboard unlike the single-wall sheets that most scratchers are made from. This material is heavier and denser to withstand aggressive scratching. Plus, it doesn't shed carboard bits. We also use non-toxic, foodsafe glue, and no chemicals are added.

We handcraft each cat scratching pad with care in the USA to create fun, modern shapes, different from typical circle and rectangle scratchers. Cats love scratching, exercising, lounging, and napping on this cute, made in the USA cat scratching pad.

  • Material: "It's heavy!" is the first thing cat lovers say when they pick up our scratching pad. That's because we use a double-wall corrugated cardboard rather than the single-wall version used in most scratchers. Using higher-quality cardboard makes Americat scratching pads heavier, sturdier, and longer lasting
  • Safety: Handcrafted from non-toxic materials with no added chemicals
  • Design: Cats are drawn to the textured, tree-like feel and the natural, tree-like scent. This scratching pad provides a cat-friendly place to scratch rather than your furniture. Cute, classy cat shape also fits with the rest of your home decor 
  • Care: Double sided, so flip over for double the use. Vacuum occasionally. Recycle after loved
  • Dimensions: Oversized for plenty of room to scratch and rest. 15 inches x 14 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Origin: All Americat Company products are proudly made in the USA

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