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I used to be one of those lucky cat parents who never had a litter box issue. My cats, Penny and Bella, used their litter boxes like champs for years.

So, litter mats weren’t on my mind. Instead, I placed bath towels under their litter boxes to catch tossed litter.

I learned the hard way that not using a litter mat was a big mistake!

One day in 2020, Bella peed and pooped just outside her litter box. The towel was worthless, and urine leaked onto my brand-new carpet.

I took Bella to the vet, and she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Her UTI cleared up quickly with medicine, and she returned to using the litter box like a champ. Thank goodness!

This experience taught me that it only takes one accident to damage flooring. A proper litter mat is a must!

After this happened, I went on a search for the best cat litter mat. The best litter mat would be:

1. Safe for Cats
2. Protect Floors
3. Easy to Clean
4. Built to Last
5. Made in the USA

But the litter mats I found were disappointing. They met one or two criteria, but not all five.

My made in the USA cat products business, Americat Company, was a couple years old at that point. I knew we could create a better litter mat that would meet the five criteria that I and other cat parents were looking for!

So, we launched our thoughtfully designed, Made in the USA litter mats. Here are the reasons why these are the best cat litter mats!

1. Safe for Cats

A cat uses the litter box over 1,500 times per year. That’s 2-4 pees per day and 1-2 poops per day, according to Emergency Veterinary Care Centers.

Since cats are walking on their mats multiple times per day, the best cat litter mat MUST BE SAFE.

If you already have a cat litter mat, do you know anything about the materials?

  • Does the mat contain toxic chemicals?
  • Does it have BPA, phthalates, and PFAS (forever chemicals)?


Americat Company litter mats are made from U.S.-sourced polyester fiber.

They are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PFAS-free.

Gentle on Paws

During my search for the best litter mat, I was shocked by all the mats with rough, spiky textures. Those spikes are uncomfortable on a kitty’s velvety paws! That would be like us stepping on Legos.

If a litter mat is too rough, cats avoid stepping on it. That defeats the purpose of a mat!

To create the Americat Company cat litter mat, we selected a soft material that is comfortable on kitty paws.

2. Protect Floors

From my experience with Bella, I learned that simply covering the floor below the litter box is not enough. The best litter box mat must be waterproof to protect floors from pee.

When I read product reviews, many mats that claimed to be waterproof actually weren’t. Also, many mats were so slick that liquid slid right off the sides onto the floor.

I needed a mat that would truly protect my floors!


Absorbent fabric on this mat traps and holds liquids. It holds accidents within the mat, preventing pee or diarrhea from sliding onto the floor.


The waterproof backing prevents liquids from leaking through to the floor below. Through product testing and a separate incident with my cat Lewie (that’s a story for another day), I can attest that this cat litter mat is waterproof.


The waterproof backing is also non-slip. This keeps the mat and litter box in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, etc.

Traps Litter

Litter-trapping grooves and ridges catch litter, reducing litter carried throughout the house. It’s like a doormat for the litter box!

ADDED BONUS: The gray color camouflages litter particles that have been trapped.

3. Easy to Clean

I also wanted a litter mat that was easy to clean. However, the waterproof mats I found had to be cleaned by hand. Rinsing a litter mat off in a shower or outside is very messy and inconvenient!

It was important to me that Americat Company offered litter mats that were waterproof AND machine washable.

Machine Washable

Cat poop may contain bacteria and urine has a horrible smell, so if your cat has an accident, it’s important to clean the litter mat quickly and easily.

Simply throw the Americat Company mat in the washing machine.


If there hasn’t been an accident, run the vacuum directly over the Americat Company litter mat to remove trapped litter.

4. Built to Last

Many litter mats on the market are thin and flimsy, and I worried they’d rip. I want cat products that last. I’d rather pay a little more for quality than replace something every couple of months.


Americat Company uses a thick, heavy-duty polyester that is also used in industrial applications.

It will withstand frequent use and many washes. Here’s a review from a customer:

“It took me forever to find a great litter mat that is made in America. This mat is wonderful on multiple surfaces. It cuts nicely to fit almost any space. I've washed mine at least 20 times in the last year and they still work as good as if they were brand new. Finally found a litter mat I can stick with. Need to buy 2 more today :)” -Asia F.

Here are more reviews about this cat litter mat.


This 28 x 36 inch mat is most frequently used under litter boxes. However, it can also be used in cat carriers, kitty condos, and under cat water fountains - anywhere you want to protect a surface. 

I have even placed this mat under my Christmas tree. I wasn’t sure if Lewie, who had been living outside as a stray, would try to mark the tree. (Thankfully he didn’t, but better to be safe than sorry!)

If you want to change the shape or size of your mat, simply use scissors. The mats can be safely trimmed without fraying.

5. Made in the USA

I always look for Made in the USA products for my cats. I want the best for my cats and believe Made in the USA is safer. However, most litter mats are made overseas.

Americat Company proudly makes litter mats right here in America from U.S. materials for safety, quality, and to support our economy.

(In fact, all Americat Company products are Made in the USA from U.S. materials).

Our Recommendation for the Best Cat Litter Mat

Protect your floors from kitty accidents with this safe, easy to clean, made in the USA cat litter mat

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