Paw Print cat litter box mat
Machine washable cat litter box mat
Cat and litter box on top of mat
Rolled cat litter box mat
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Cat Litter Mat

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This machine washable, waterproof cat litter mat is made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles. Our paw print litter box mat catches litter from your little one's paws and protects your floor around the box.

  • 100% Made in the USA from U.S.-sourced materials
  • Machine washable (yay!)
  • Paw prints and ridges catch and trap litter
  • Illness and accidents happen, so protect floors just in case. Fabric absorbs while waterproof backing prevents urine from leaking through and damaging floors

Best Materials: Fiber is made from 80% recycled plastic bottles. Certified BPA-free and phthalate-free

Care: Shake or vacuum litter off. Machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash. Hang dry

Size: 29 x 32 inches. Mat can also be cut without fraying to fit into carriers, litter box enclosures, crates, and other spaces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elizabeth B.
Great Litter Mat!

I really love this mat. My dear kitty is a litter thrower and this mat contains it all. It's also cute, attractive and machine washable. I use warm water on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry. This mat does not leave little plastic pieces in my washer, like other litter mats do.

Jessica Lutz
Water proof and washable!

I rescue cats, and have had my fair share of stubborns decide to potty outside the door of the litter box.

This mat is lined with a waterproof backing which makes for a quick cleanup.

*I did make one mat into two, as I had smaller spaces to work with. There was no fraying and it worked out really well!

Ruthie Ezell
Great Mats!

These mats have definitely reduced the amount of litter my cats are tracking through the house. I will buy again when the ones I currently have wear out.

Asia Frey

It took me forever to find a great litter mat that is made in America. This mat is wonderful on multiple surfaces. It cuts nicely to fit almost any space. I've washed mine at least 20 times in the last year and they still work as good as if they were brand new. Finally found a litter mat I can stick with. Need to buy 2 more today :)


Great item