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Meet Penny

Penny is one of the cats who inspired our founder, Diane, to create Americat Company. In honor of Penny's 12th birthday, Diane shares Penny's story.

Penny, the cat who inspired Americat Company, as a kitten and an adult

Adoption Story: After settling into a new job in a new city, I went to the North County (San Diego) Humane Society to adopt a pet. I wanted an adult cat who would remind me of my childhood cat. But, the volunteer recommended I meet a kitten named Shelly. She was in a cage by herself, hiding under her bed. Her brother had been adopted earlier that day. When I held her, she purred and cuddled, making little meep noises. I had never heard a cat make a sound like that. I instantly fell in love with her.

I changed her name to Penny after my hometown state, Pennsylvania, her copper coloring, and because we were both lucky to have found each other.   

Likes: Looking out the window, laying on me (she does this cute thing where she stretches her arm out to hug), cuddling with her sister Bella, talking/ meeping, and napping in a sunny spot

Dislikes: The vacuum, doorbell, and strangers (Penny hid from our photographer, which explains why she is not in many website photos.)

Favorite Americat Company Product: Penny loves eating her wet and dry food from her whisker friendly cat bowls. If she is hungry and her bowl is empty, she lets me know with a little meep and runs over to her bowl.

Penny is the first pet I adopted as an adult, and she holds a special place in my heart. I love her to pieces and feel blessed for the 12 years we have shared so far. Happy Birthday to my little Penny!


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