Durable Cat Scratching Pads that Last for Years (Yes, Years!)

You probably already know that your cats LOVE to scratch. But, did you know your cats NEED to scratch? It's in their DNA. 

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch. In fact, cats need to scratch to stay healthy - both physically and emotionally, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

Cats scratching

Physically, cats scratch to:

  • Mark their territory
  • Keep claws healthy and short
  • Remove dead layers of nail
  • Exercise
  • Play
  • Stretch

Cats also scratch to express emotions including:

  • Excitement
  • Stress

In the wild, cats instinctively scratch trees.

Since indoor cats don't have access to trees, you need to provide alternative scratching surfaces to keep your cats healthy.

Otherwise, cats will scratch couches, curtains, bed frames, rugs, and anything that they can dig their nails into.

Cardboard cat scratching pads are the most popular, cat-friendly solution.

However, most cardboard scratchers don’t last. Scratching pads that are made from cheap materials and manufacturing processes shed little cardboard bits and get torn to pieces. 

That’s a BIG problem! 

Most Durable Cat Scratcher

At Americat Company, we are cat parents, too. We know that buying scratchers that don't last is a hassle, expensive, and frustrating.

Your cats' natural scratching instincts mean that you need scratching pads that last. That's why our durable scratching pads are the purr-fect solution. 

Cat scratching durable cat scratcher

Americat Company scratchers last longer than other brands because we use 1) higher quality materials and 2) a manufacturing process that promotes durability. They are also made in the USA from U.S. materials.

Higher Quality Materials

First, let’s define what corrugated cardboard - the material used for cat scratchers - is.

Corrugated cardboard is made from a wavy, fluted material glued between 2 paper liners. Here’s a visual:

Durable cat scratcher


Not all corrugated cardboard is the same. It comes in 1) different weights, 2) different flutes, and 3) from different countries.


“It’s heavy!!!” is the first thing people say when they pick up an Americat Company scratcher. That’s because we use a heavy-weight, high-quality corrugated cardboard.

Comparing rectangular scratching pads of the same size, the typical scratcher weighs 11.5 ounces.

The Americat Company scratcher weighs 18.5 ounces. That's almost 2 times the weight of typical scratchers!

Scratcher weight comparison 

Similar to printer paper, invitations, and business cards, the heavier the stock, the nicer it feels, and the longer it lasts. Heavier stock is more expensive, but more durable.

Not only does the heavier weight improve durability, but it also keeps scratchers from sliding around on the floor. Indoor cats will be turned off by a lightweight scratching pad that slides, so a heavy-duty scratcher is essential.

High Grade of Flute

There are also different grades of cardboard flute based on thickness.

The flute impacts compression strength and crush resistance.

Think of all the wear and tear that scratching pads face… razor-sharp nails digging into them every day. Cats (that can weigh up to 20+ pounds) standing, lying, and napping on top of them.

Americat Company uses a flute that scores high for both compression strength and crush resistance for ultimate durability.


Made in the USA cat products

Americat Company scratching pads are made in the USA from U.S.-sourced materials for safety and quality.

They are made from 2 very safe materials: corrugated cardboard and glue. The glue is FDA-approved for food use.  

Thoughtful Manufacturing

In addition to using higher quality material than other brands, Americat Company makes scratchers using a proprietary process for maximum strength and durability. 

Double Wall Construction (Not Single Wall)

A typical scratcher has a single wall. The corrugation pattern is liner, flute, liner.

If you look closely at an Americat Company scratching pad, you’ll see a double wall. The corrugation pattern is liner, liner, flute, liner, liner.

Americat Company’s double wall construction provides extra strength and durability.

Clean Edge (Not Frayed Edge)

See the frayed edge of a typical scratcher compared to the clean edge of the Americat Company scratching pad.

Clean vs. messy edge

To create a rough, frayed edge, a scratcher gets compressed and crushed during manufacturing. This weakens the overall strength and durability of corrugated cardboard (and therefore the finished product, the scratcher).

In contrast, we make Americat Company scratching pads with a clean edge to preserve the cardboard's strength and integrity. This creates a more durable scratching pad.

Our proprietary process allows Americat Company to create clean edges on scratchers in fun designs- heart, cat, cornerstone, and rectangular shapes. 

The edges also provide a slanted surface for cats to scratch!

Made in the USA

Do you know where your cats' scratchers are made?

Americat Company scratching pads are proudly made in the USA for safety and quality.

Durable cat scratcher

Scratcher Durability and Tidiness Go Hand in Hand

If you’ve bought a scratching pad that wasn’t made by Americat Company, you’ve probably noticed all the cardboard bits that your cats shred and scatter.

Because of their cheap quality, some scratching pads come with a workaround - a tray to catch cardboard bits. But those trays don't work, and cardboard shreds still make a mess everywhere!

Over time, all these shreds lead to the scratcher being ripped apart and needing replaced.

By creating the most durable cat scratching pad thanks to heavy-duty materials and thoughtful manufacturing processes, Americat Company simultaneously created a cleaner scratcher. 

Americat Company scratchers don’t shed cardboard bits. No mess! 

Shop Durable Scratchers by Americat Company

We hope this article has helped you understand the thought that went into creating the most durable (and most tidy) cat scratching pad.

Durable cat scratcher in different shapes

Americat Company scratchers last for years (yes years!) compared to other brands. Other scratchers may cost a few dollars less BUT you’ll have to replace them much more often (and clean more often, too!).

Most importantly, Americat Company scratching pads will keep your cats, who have a natural instinct to scratch, safely satisfied both physically and emotionally. 

Cats love scratching, lounging, and napping on Americat Company scratching pads thanks to the scratchers' unique weight, sturdiness, and durability.

Shop our 4 fun cat scratcher shapes here.

What Cat Lovers are Saying

Cat scratches durable scratching pad

Here’s a snapshot of what customers have written about Americat Company scratching pads:

“Her old scratcher was also from Americat and literally lasted her for almost 4 years. Americat products are just really amazing! Worth every penny!!!!” -Yana

“These scratchers are absolutely amazing. I’ve had one for my cat for years, and it’s still in great condition, even with her scratching it daily. Can’t beat the quality.” -Jaz

“I have tried a lot of scratchers and this is the most durable by a long shot. These scratchers barely shed any cardboard, not like other scratchers because the cardboard is so sturdy!” -Theresa

Read additional product reviews to learn more.

Treat your cat to a durable scratcher by Americat Company!

About Us: Americat Company is where love for cats meets American craftsmanship. Founded in 2016, we are a cat-loving, woman-owned, small business. We make cat products in the USA from safe, durable, U.S. materials. Shop all our made in the USA cat products here.

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