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Why Do Cats Like to Scratch Furniture?

Whether your cats scratch something that's theirs or something that’s yours (like your favorite piece of furniture)… chances are your cats love scratching! Cats have a natural instinct to scratch. Not only is it part of their DNA, but it is also good for their health.

Unfortunately, scratching furniture is often the reason that people are hesitant to adopt a cat, relinquish a cat they already have, or declaw. Understanding why cats like to scratch can help us have more compassion when they do scratch something they shouldn't. It can also help us learn how to redirect and relocate cat scratching to cat-friendly surfaces rather than your furniture. 

Cat scratching scratcher pad

Why do cats like to scratch furniture? Here are 5 common causes:

1. To Stretch and Exercise

Standing on their hind legs, stretching, and extending and retracting their claws allows cats to exercise. They are stretching and strengthening the tiny muscles, tendons, and joints in their toes, feet, legs, shoulders, and back.   

2. To remove the dead outer layer of nail

Cats love textured surfaces. Scratching something rough allows cats to remove the dull, dead outer surface of their nails to make way for new, healthy nails to grow. By giving themselves a manicure, cats are improving their hygiene.  

3. To mark their territory visually

In the wild, cats scratch logs and trees to claim their territory. Claw marks create a visual signpost that a cat has claimed the area.

4. To mark their territory with scent

Did you know cats have scent glands between the pads in their paws? When cats scratch, they leave their scent behind, another way of marking their territory. This scent is undetectable to humans but very obvious to other cats.

5. To release energy and anxiety
Like us, cats can release excitement, energy, stress, and anxiety through activity. Scratching is a form of stress release.

Scratching is a natural and healthy part of everyday cat life. In the wild, cats have all sorts of things to scratch. At home, cats may be drawn to couches and chairs for the same reasons that tree trunks appeal to them in the wild. Both trees and furniture are big, solid, and can be marked.

Knowing that it is important for cats to scratch, it is our responsibility to provide indoor cats with safe, cat-friendly furniture of their own to scratch.

We designed Americat Company scratching pads to appeal to cats' natural instincts. They are extra-large, textured, and cats are drawn to the tree-like scent and surface of cardboard. Cats can stretch, exercise, file their nails, and mark their territory on a place of their own. Bella's favorite scratching pad is rectangular, and Penny's favorite is in the shape of a heart

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