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Cat Toys – Variety Pack

Cat Toys – Variety Pack

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Beware of cat toys with unsafe materials, chemical smells, and small parts that can become choking hazards. Americat Company's safe ball toy variety pack is Made in the USA from non-toxic materials. A fun toy your cat will “hunt” + peace of mind for you!

  • 100% Made in the USA from U.S. materials
  • Tree-like texture attracts cats during interactive and independent play
  • Balls spin and wobble as they roll to mimic irregular movements of wild prey 
  • Made from the same heavy-duty, non-toxic materials as our best-selling scratching pads

Safe Materials: U.S. corrugated cardboard. Non-toxic, vegan glue FDA approved for food contact

Quantity: 3 toy variety pack of round, hex, and x-shaped balls

Size: 1.5 inch diameter (ping pong ball size)

Care: Can marinate or spritz with catnip if desired. Recycle after loved to keep cat toys out of landfills

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Made in the USA with Love

I'm a cat mom and want to keep our cats safe and happy! So, we make cat products right here in America using safe, long-lasting, U.S. materials.

Established 2016

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Cat M.
Great balls & scratcher!

The cats love batting the balls around & they love sitting on the scratcher!

Bearded O.
Happy Kids

Keeps the little Tasmanian Devil Busy!

Blue d.w.s.b.
Not interested in playing with them

None of my 3 cats showed any interest in any of the toys.

Melissa S.
Our cats love these!

Our cats love these balls, they go all over the house! They get lots of good exercise from them, and we feel good about them not being toxic.

Kurt R.J.
Toys all over the house

Our cats love your toys and get them all over the house. Whenever one is found somewhere it is played with until it disappears under the furniture to be found again at some point.