Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Toys for Fun-Loving Cats

Where do cat toys go after they’ve been loved? Imagine all the bells, plastic parts, fake mouse fur, and wands sitting in landfills for who knows how long! Sad picture, right?

Wouldn’t you rather buy cat toys your cats love AND are also eco-friendly? Yes!!!

Many cat toys claim to be “natural,” “environmentally friendly,” and “green.” But, how do you know if they really are?

Cat with cardboard toys

We understand that concern. So, we’re sharing why Americat Company cardboard cat ball toys are safe for you, your cats, and the planet.

Made from Recycled Material

Do you know how many times cardboard can be reused and recycled? 5-7 times, according to the American Forest & Paper Association. Isn’t that amazing?!

Americat Company cat toys are made from U.S.-sourced, recycled corrugated cardboard. Not only do cats love all things cardboard, but cardboard is also environmentally friendly.

Recycled cardboard can be turned into new corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, paper towels, tissues, and paper.


Are you familiar with the term “upcycled”? Upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials and useless or unwanted products into new products.

Cardboard cat scratcher

Americat Company upcycles by reusing the scraps leftover from cutting cardboard scratching pads and scratcher beds (also made from recycled corrugate) to make cat ball toys. This process reduces environmental impact.

Do cats know their toys were upcycled and came from a smaller piece of cardboard rather than a full sheet? No! They just love cardboard’s natural, tree-like scent and texture and how the ball toys spin, roll, and wobble during playtime!


Do you know what your cats’ toys are made from? All those pieces? Take a mouse toy, for example, which has fabric or fur, a tail, eyes, and stuffing. Or, a ball toy made with that bright crinkly material and a bell.

How do you know all those parts are safe and non-toxic?

Americat Company cat toys are made from 2 simple ingredients: recycled cardboard and glue. The glue we use is food safe and FDA approved. No dangerous chemicals, bleaches, dyes, or parts that can harm you, your cats, or the environment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

6,677 miles and 3-5 weeks… that’s how long it takes for a cargo ship to travel from China to the United States. Imagine all that pollution – to both the air and water – that occurs along the way.

Since all Americat Company materials, products, and packaging are made and shipped within the USA, our carbon footprint is lower than cat products traveling across an ocean.

Made in USA cat productsAlso, our U.S. manufacturers are subject to strict regulations reducing pollution in the air, water, and soil.

Happy cats, happy Earth!


Products leftover from prototyping, strength/durability testing, and demonstrations are "used" and cannot be sold. Rather than recycle them right away, we donate them to cat rescues.

These products still have so much life left, so reusing them is a win-win for cats in need and the environment.

PS: If you volunteer with a rescue and want to learn more about this program, contact us at

Recyclable After Loved

As we learned earlier, cardboard can be recycled 5-7 times. So, after your cats have played and played with Americat Company eco-friendly ball toys, you can recycle them.

Or, you can cut them up into smaller pieces and compost them.

We believe in doing our part to keep cat toys out of landfills and would love for you to help us with this mission, too!


Eco-friendly Cat Toy

Cats love our eco-friendly, wobble ball toys. Plus, their families love that our products are environmentally friendly, safe, AND made in the USA. 

“My cats LOVE these USA made toys. They run around and leap into the air and play with these things until they are exhausted.

I LOVE that they're made of cardboard because I don't have to worry about my cat toys ending up in landfills someday. These guys will work for ages and when they finally "die" they will not be something that sits around for generations because they can't degrade in the ground. Definitely environmentally-friendly yet fun toys that are also made in the USA. What more can I ask for?” - Val

Treat your cats to a variety pack of 3 ball toys from Americat Company today!  

About Us: Americat Company is where love for cats meets American craftsmanship. Founded in 2016, we are a cat-loving, woman-owned, small business. We make cat products in the USA from safe, durable, U.S. materials. Shop all our made in the USA cat products here.

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