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Not providing your cats with approved places to scratch can do more damage than the scratches on your couch - it can actually cause your cats stress! 

Experts at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine explain that when your cat's basic needs aren't met, "your cat may feel stressed, which can affect both health and behavior."

Cat scratching pad

If cats can't scratch, their nails can grow too long, which is uncomfortable, slippery, and causes snags. It can also lead to behavior problems such as scratching couches, carpets, curtains, aggression between cats at home, and stress.

Scratching is one of cats' most basic needs. Learn more about the physical and mental health benefits of scratching here

Veterinarians and cat behaviorists agree that it is ESSENTIAL to provide cats objects to scratch at home.

At Americat Company, we are cat parents, too. We want the best for our cats. So, we design safe, higher quality cat essentials - products cats use every single day. We have been creating made in the USA scratching pads since Day 1. That’s how important we think it is for every cat to have scratchers they love!

Learn the 10 reasons why Americat Company scratchers are different from other scratching pads:

    1. 100% Made in the USA

    Numerous cat scratchers are made overseas from foreign parts. It's often unclear whether they are safe and will last.  

    Made in USA cat scratcher

    USA manufacturing is important to us for safety, quality, and peace of mind.

    Therefore, we make cat scratchers in the USA from U.S. materials. (In fact, all Americat Company products are made in the USA from U.S. materials.)

    2. Last For Years (Yes, Years!)

    The most common complaint we hear from other cat parents is they are tired of cheap scratching pads that get torn to bits within months.

    Scratching pads MUST last!

    Americat Company scratchers last longer than other scratchers, because they have:

    • Heavy duty, durable cardboard
    • High grade cardboard flute for compression strength and crush resistance
    • Double-wall construction (not single-wall)
    • Clean edges (not frayed, compressed edges)

    Made in USA Cat Scratcher

    Read more about our scratching pads' unique durability here.

    3. Safe Materials

    Do you know if any chemicals have been added to your cats' scratchers? Do you know if the glue used is cat-friendly or toxic? 

    Our cats rub against, scratch, sleep on, and even bite their scratchers. Avoid exposing your cats to anything toxic by understanding what materials are used to make their scratchers.

    Americat Company scratchers are made from simply 2 materials:

    1. Corrugated Cardboard: U.S. sourced, heavy duty, high grade
    2. Non-Toxic Glue: U.S. sourced, and FDA approved for food contact

    With Americat Company products, you don't have to sacrifice safety or quality.  

    4. Tree-Like to Attract Cats

    What good is a scratcher if your cats won’t go near it?

    Cats love to dig their nails into Americat Company scratchers' crisp, honeycomb, tree-like texture. 

    Also, cats are attracted to the natural, tree-like smell of our cardboard. We add zero chemicals or scents!

    5. No Mess

    Another common complaint is that other cardboard cat scratchers shed everywhere.

    Some scratching pads come with a tray to catch cardboard bits given their poor design. But shreds still make a mess!

    Shedding and lack of quality go hand in hand. 


    Made in USA cat scratcher

    Americat Company scratchers are the purr-fect alternative. By creating the most durable cat scratching pad thanks to heavy-duty materials and thoughtful manufacturing processes, we simultaneously created a cleaner scratcher.

    Americat Company scratchers don’t make a mess!

    Hear from happy cat parents - many of their reviews mention no shedding.  

    6. Heavy & Don't Slide

    Cats put their whole body into scratching! They don’t want a lightweight, flimsy scratcher that will slide around the floor.

    Heavy cat scratcher

    Americat Company scratchers weigh about twice as much as a typical cardboard scratcher. They won’t slide around on carpet, hardwood, or tile.

    7. Oversized

    Scratching pads need to be large enough that cats can scratch, lounge, and nap on them.

    Americat Company scratchers are oversized with plenty of room.

    Lewie here is 15 pounds and loves scratching AND lounging on his!

    Made in USA cat scratcher

    8. Modern Shapes

    Most scratching pads are a boring rectangle or circle.

    We wanted scratchers that look nice in homes. So, we created 4 modern scratching pad designs: heart, cat, cornerstone, and rectangular shapes.

    Made in USA scratching pads

    9. Double-Sided

    Sometimes cat scratchers only have 1 usable scratching side. This may be due to their shape or from being glued to a tray. 

    Americat Company scratchers are double-sided for double the use!

    10. Eco-Friendly

    We value reducing our environmental impact.

    Americat Company scratching pads are made from recycled cardboard. They can also be recycled after they’ve been well-loved… years later.

    We even heard from a customer who cut her scratcher into pieces and composted it. It’s a win-win situation for cats and the Earth!

    Lewie's Story

    This is my cat, Lewie. I caught him about 2 years ago after he had been living outside as a stray for who knows how long.

    Made in USA cat scratcher

    He’s the first adult cat and first male cat I rescued. I wondered if Lewie would be happy inside and if he’d behave (and not tear apart my new leather chair).

    Lewie probably never had a scratching pad of his own before. But he was used to scratching trees and bark outside.

    As soon as we brought Lewie inside and gave him a scratching pad, he immediately knew what to do. He went to town scratching and purring! Scratching is truly a natural instinct. 

    As Lewie transitioned from a large dog crate, to a single room in the house, to the entire house, he always had scratching pads. They became his homebase for lounging and for scratching. I praised him with "good boy!" and pets when he used scratchers to reinforce this behavior.

    I'm happy to report that Lewie never destroyed any furniture, carpet, or curtains.

    Don't let fear of scratching stop you from rescuing a cat. They simply need cat-friendly scratching options throughout the home.

    It warms my heart that after experiencing the real thing (trees!), Lewie is now getting his scratching needs met indoors with his own Americat Company scratching pads. He loves his scratchers and uses them all the time (quite roughly, in fact!). 

    Just like Lewie, we can’t wait for your cats to try them. Shop Americat Company scratchers here!

    -Diane, Founder & CEO of Americat Company

    About Us: Americat Company is where love for cats meets American craftsmanship. Founded in 2016, we are a cat-loving, woman-owned, small business. We make cat products in the USA from safe, durable, U.S. materials. Shop all our made in the USA cat products here.

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