5 Tips for Taking Better Cat Photos

Many of you have complimented our americatcompany.com photos. Thank you! Since the photos are of our own cats in our own homes, we wanted to share how we did it.

So, we teamed with our photographer Nate of Nate Weatherly Photography to create 5 tips for taking better cat photos. 

Black and white cat scratching cat scratching pad

Use Natural Light

Turn off all lights in your house, and turn off your flash. Position your cat near a window or doorway with sunlight shining through. You will capture your cat's true eye color and markings, and your photos will have a warm feel.  

Get Down to Cat Level

Kneel or sit, so that your phone or camera is at your cat's level. Get close and fill the frame with your cat. Show what life looks like from your cat's perspective. 

Set the Mood

A phone or camera can be scary to your cat at first. Get into position, hold your phone or camera off to the side, and click a few times. Give treats to create a positive association with taking photos.   

Appeal to Your Cat's Curiosity

If you want your cat to look at the camera, call his or her name, hold up a treat, crinkle something, or wave a toy. Once your cat gets bored with one method, move on to the next. Keeping your cat curious will improve eye contact.     

Be Patient

Your cat can sense your mood, so stay relaxed. Some photos will turn out well, and others will turn out not so well. So that your photo session remains fun for your cat, praise, pet, and give treats throughout. If your cat gets tired or scared, take a break or call it a day.    

We hope these techniques make you a better cat photographer!

- Diane & Nate 

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