Cat Gift Guide: Purr-fect Presents for Cats & Cat Lovers

Cat lady

You know those friends, family, and coworkers who just LOVE their cats!

Show the cat lovers in your life how much you care about them and recognize how much they love their cats. They will love receiving these unique cat products they haven't seen in pet stores! 

This gift guide is designed to help you shop according to their interests, so it will be easy to pick the purr-fect cat presents. And, these Made in the USA products will keep cats safe, happy, and healthy! 

And if you’re a cat parent shopping for your own cats, this gift guide will help you select something both you and your kitties will love!

If this cat parent is a...


This cat parent is sensible. Rather than chasing trends, they are drawn to top quality and durability in everyday items. Gift cat bowls that wow every time they pick them up due to superior quality stainless steel. Plus, the wide, shallow design prevents whisker fatigue (a real medical condition) to make mealtime more comfortable for cats.

Cat bowls


Self-Proclaimed Cat Lady / Cat Dude

Cats, cats, cats! Owning cats has never been cooler. This cat parent loves all things cats and is proud to show it. These adorable beds and placemats feature cat designs that will make your recipient say “awwww.” Plus, these products will get used over and over by their beloved cats, reminding cat lovers in your life how much you care.

Made-in-the-USA Lover

This cat parent loves to buy Made in the USA. They value safety and high quality, and they love supporting the U.S. economy. All Americat Company products are Made in the USA from U.S. materials. You can’t go wrong with anything, so take your pick!

Made in USA cat gifts


Help the Earth! This cat parent chooses the greener option and looks for ways to reduce their environmental impact. All Americat Company scratchers, beds, and ball toys are made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled after loved. They are also made from vegan, non-toxic glue.

Also, plant-based litter bags eliminate single-use plastic bags. They make the litter scooping experience more pleasant + more environmentally friendly. A win-win! 

Cat litter bags

Wine Enthusiast

Cheers! This cat parent loves a glass of wine or cocktail of choice as part of their purr-fect night. This set of lead-free wine glasses features a classy, etched cat design. They feature extra-thick glass for durability and are dishwasher safe.

Cat wine glass gift

Gift wrap idea: Place cat toy balls inside empty wine glasses as a fun gift idea. 


This cat parent is organized, meticulous, and loves a clean house. These placemats and litter mats serve double duty protecting floors while keeping “cat areas” tidy and inviting. Placemats catch spills from messy eaters and water splashers, while litter mats catch tossed litter and accidents.


It’s all about the details! This cat parent values design, materials, and engineering of products. They will admire the elegance yet simplicity of these cat bowls and raised cat bowl stands. They’ll also appreciate the grade of stainless steel and product safety testing.

Cat bowl stand gift

The cat toy balls are another fun pick for a mechanically-minded cat parent.

Cat toy gift


Say thank you! This cat lover donates time and resources to cat rescues through fostering, volunteering, or TNVR’ing (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return). Thank your favorite rescues by sending their rescue cats Americat Company products. Use their shipping address and add a note at checkout from you and your cats! This is a great way to honor the rescues where you adopted your cats, plus spread holiday cheer.

Cat presents

Cat Stocking Stuffers

Under $20! These gifts are fun for EVERYONE. Give cat toys and cat placemats as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or “just because” gifts to show the cat lovers in your life that you’re thinking of them.

Ordering from Americat Company

You’ll always get free and fast shipping and free returns on all orders within the U.S.

Want us to mail your gift straight to your favorite cat lover? Simply enter their address as the shipping address and add a gift message in the notes section when you checkout on

All Americat Company products are designed to appeal to cats’ natural instincts and are Made in the USA with love from U.S. materials. Learn more about our story here.

Thank you for supporting my small, U.S., woman-owned business.

-Diane, Founder & CEO of Americat Company 

About Us: Americat Company is where love for cats meets American craftsmanship. Founded in 2016, we are a cat-loving, woman-owned, small business. We make cat products in the USA from safe, durable, U.S. materials. Shop all our made in the USA cat products here.

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